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What are Viva Digital Albums?

Viva Digital albums are professional albums that lay flat exactly like flush mount albums, they are printed on Professional Kodak Endura Premier Paper (which is the same quality of our Forever Bound line; all options are also available for our Viva Digital Professional Albums).  The only difference is that Image layouts are printed as full spreads and are folded down the middle at the time of binding, instead of split like our Forever Bound series.

What is the turn around time?

Our Albums take roughly 4-5 days in house to print and bind; by the fifth it will get shipped and the remaining time it takes for you to get it is all dependent on shipping (which can be expedited)

What does the price include?

Price includes printing and binding for a 15 page/30 side album with your choice of ten leatherette’s you can find on in our Swatch Book.  You can add more sides at an additional cost.

Is there a sample discount?

Yes! You get 20% OFF all Viva Digital Sample Albums. Bundles are not eligible for sample discounts.

How do I place my order?

Place your order one of three ways: Accucolor ROES, LabPrints, or FTP.

  • When placing your order via ROES, order your prints from the “VIVA” catalog. Step one will be choosing your layout/spread size, Step 2 you can add a window image, Step 3 is where you can choose a specialty cover (metal, acrylic, Canvas wrap). The rest of the album options are shown on the right while viewing the cart before checkout.
  • When placing your order via LabPrints, order your prints from the edit/order screen. Upon checkout, please include your cover choice in the special instructions box.
  • When ordering your prints via FTP, send an email to to notify us that you’ve uploaded images. In that email, please include your cover color and your shipping information.

Are upgrades available?

Yes. Upgrade to any of the cover materials and countless options available on our professional albums. Our professional albums are 100% hand crafted therefore anything you want that may not be included as an option is doable. (Window size, Imprinting location, #of pages, etc.)

Box UpgradesCover ImprintingCover WindowsInside The Album
  • Standard Box


    Each wedding album comes in a black suede bag inside a standard black box. There is no additional charge for standard boxes.

  • Leatherette Box

    Professional Albums

    For a special touch to your presentation, upgrade your wedding album box to a leatherette box. An additional cost applies.

  • Photo Box


    Photo Boxes are standard boxes wrapped in a photograph of your choice. An additional cost applies.

Viva Digital Wedding Albums come with a variety of custom cover upgrades. If you don’t see what you need pictured below, don’t hesitate to contact us and inquire about custom covers. Use the button below to download an electronic version of our swatch book. You can request a free swatch book when you open an account.

Swatch book

Cover Imprinting

Imprinting is traditionally done on the front cover of the wedding album on the lower right hand side. However, you can request to have it done anywhere else on the cover. The featured fonts are Goudy, Goudy Cursive, and Sans Serif Light.

Studio Imprint

Studio imprinting is traditionally done on the inside of the front cover. We require that you have a custom die made of your studio’s name or logo. The cost for the custom die is between $35 and $50 depending on the size.

Imprinting Colors

Color options available for imprinting are gold, silver, black and clear.

Album Imprinting Fonts

Cover Window

You can add any size window anywhere on the cover of 8×8 and above albums.
We offer two window types: Traditional and Inset

The Traditional window

is cut into the cover with a beveled edge and the image is placed inside the cut and affixed to the back which hides a very small amount of the photo’s edges.


The Inset window

is slightly embossed into the cover and has a slightly beveled edge. The image is affixed to the front of the cover so there is no part of the image hidden.

Inside Your Forever Bound Book

Our commitment to premium quality photofinishing ensures your album will be beautiful both inside and out. Paper types for your album include Lustre and Metallic.

Print Textures

Add different textures to your album prints:

  • Pebble
  • Linen
  • Canvas

Full Pano

Viva Digital albums do not have a cut down the middle of the spread. If you prefer a cut (cut-pano), please order a Forever Bound Album. Accucolor proudly prints on Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper to ensure that your images will not discolor in the crease of your full pano album.

Fell Pano

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