Order Accucolor

Ordering Basics

Below is a list of steps on how to order from us. We offer several different options to best suite most photographers needs.

Become a member of the Accucolor Family.Image file creation.Album Designing.

Become a Member

You must have a customer ID to order online with us.
If you are not a member yet
Click Here!to become a member
fill out the membership form and we will email you within 48 hours with your customer id. If you have forgotten your customer id just email us (info@accucolorimaging.com) please include: your full name, studio/photographer name and your phone number and we will look it up and reply back as soon as possible.

File Creation

Make sure all of your files are jpegs and are RGB or sRGB colorspace. When naming files and folders the files are placed in, please only use letters, numbers, dashes or underscores. Don’t include special characters in the file name or the folder name that the file is in.
Special characters include: : ; , ‘ $ @ # * & ()[]{}<>? + =\ / ! % and more.
File names have to be under 25 characters so short and sweet is best.

  • Good file name: mike-mary-09192014.jpg
  • BAD file name: Mike & Mary’s wedding (9/19/2014).jpg

Page Sizing

  • Design your pages at 300 dpi and exactly the size of the book.
    For a 12×12 book, a single side will be 12″x12″(3600px by 3600px) and a full spread will be 12″x24″ (3600px by 7200px).
    No need to put any extra bleed around the edges however do leave about 1/8th (.125) of an inch as an unsafe zone around the edges to make sure no one’s heads, hands or feet will be cut off.
  • When naming album layouts please use the page or spread number like this: page-001.jpg, pages-002-003.jpg or if starting with a spread: spread-001.jpg, spread-002.jpg. This keeps everything in order and assures no page will be wrong. you can also name a cover window image coverImage.jpg so we know not to put it in the book.

If you’re not the designing type unfortunately we do not offer album design services, however below are some options you can take advantage of.

  • LabPrints

    this software allows you to save your projects and has a full album design suite, it also allows us access to each individual image so we can properly color correct if needed, however it’s not free. You can try it out for 30 days just follow the link below to LabPrints for more information.. Lab Prints Details

  • Fundy Album Designer

    makes it easy to design everything you’d like, it’s drag and drop and super fun. Once again this isn’t free but offers a free trial. Follow the link below to Fundy Album Builder for more information..Fundy Software Site

  • The Album Cafe

    You can also purchase pre-made templates from our friends at The Album Cafe, these templates are for photoshop and lightroom and are super quick and easy to use. They are also very reasonably priced, most of them at $25. Follow the link below to The Album Cafe for more information.The Album Cafe


Roes is an excellent ordering program that allows photographers the ability to crop, rotate and add borders or keylines to prints. You can quickly drag and drop several images into a single print size to order them all at once (perfect for ordering proofs). If you have an album layout designed we have all the album options easily reached in roes and you will be able to order your book or bundle in minutes.

Lab Prints

LabPrints is a comprehensive software and service solution that links professional photographers to Accucolor. With LabPrints, photographers can organize, edit, order, design, post and sell images online, and more, all within a single application. It even lets you create projects and save them for later if you aren’t ready to order.

Other Options:

If for any reason you cannot get either software above to work we do have a final option to just send us the files via wetransfer or dropbox to info@accucolorimaging.com. If you are sending an album order please also fill out the album order form and include it with your designs.