Custom Album Boxes

You’ve just designed the perfect wedding album with a beautiful acrylic, metal or photo cover, in order to keep that cover scuff and dirt free for years to come you need an album box.
Sure you can settle for the lightweight box that our albums usually come in, but why not add the cherry on top by getting a custom album box.

Custom Album Box

Options for our Custom Album Box

Customizable! Make it one of a kind, just like your album.

These boxes are leatherette with black stitching, have a magnetic clasp to hold them closed, and have several options for you to choose from:

  • Add an acrylic image to the top of the box (any size you like up to a size down from the album cover size so a 12×12 album can get up to a 10×10 image)
  • Add your Studio information on a metal plate
  • Add the Bride + Groom’s names and wedding date on a metal plate
Click for Details: Standard Custom Box
Click for Details: Acrylic Image Box
Click for Details: NEW! Metal Name Plate