Les Schwartz P.

I am a professional photographer in Thousand Oaks.  Trust me, there is no better processing than these guys if you are a professional looking for a lab! I have tried lots of labs over the years but for people pictures, i.e. portraits, head shots, family photos, corporate photos etc. I am always blown away with the quality of their work.  I recently had them do a wedding album for me and the photos look better than what I sent in.  Many times before I knew about Accucolor, I would touch up my photos in Photoshop and they looked perfect.  Then I’d pick up the pics and they were terrible.  This is after calibrating my monitor etc..  You can’t go wrong with them, they are true professionals and they’ll make your work look awesome. In fact, when I picked up the wedding album and showed it to my client, the parents both ordered albums of their own!!  I love these guys!


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